Burnin' Karma, Cleveland, Ohio's 90's Rock Revue.

A Bit about Burnin' Karma

We've all heard it many times before, whether we choose to remember it or not. There are two types of people in this world, those who hoard their karma, save it, hide it under a bushel, never take it out to show their friends, afraid it will be lost or broken. And then there's the other type ...the ones who feel deeply that it should be set free, passed around, driven off a cliff occasionally ...and yes, dare I say, even ignited whenever possible.

Can't remember who said it first...Confucius, Teddy Roosevelt or maybe it was William Borroughs, "Some of us are born to greatness while others have it thrust upon us." Well, thankfully neither of these apply to Burnin' Karma.

What does apply is that Burnin' Karma is a band from Northeast Ohio, formed by musicians with real world experience. They have played Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop, Punk, You name it. The rumour is these guys know how to play. When they are performing you can tell that they love it, and they make people move. I'm talking real rump shakin'. You know, like when the place gets hot and people start taking their clothes off. They thrive on performing all genre's of music (with extra emphasis on the nineties and this century) to fit any occasion for anyone in the market for a good time.

Burnin Karma retired in 2013.

A Bit about the Players

Brian Bolden

brian Brian's love for music was recognized at an early age by his dad who gave him his first electric guitar at the ripe old age of 2, and his mother who would carry him around while dancing and singing along to Motown and Funk records. She would often plant him in front of the radio during hours of house work knowing he would still be glued to the magical singing box when she returned. Hey, who needs a babysitter when you've got Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones?

After years of honing his chops Brian is often praised for being able to play with the best of the best 4th graders. He sings at at least a 6th grade level, performing with bands like Wheatstone Bridge, Reunion, Blue Eyed Souls and Sight N Sound. As a talented songwriter, Brian now spends most of his time writing songs about poop to entertain his kids.

Tobias Morrison

tobiasTobias grew up in a corn field. He knew he wanted to be a rock star but learned very quickly he had almost no talent. It was clear that he should play drums, but his neighbor already owned a drum kit, so bass was the next obvious choice. Being a midwest white boy, he was naturally drawn to hip-hop and worked in a studio producing music for Bone Thugs and Public Enemy. When not working or doing drugs, he performed with other similarly talentless musicians in Dr. Zon, Funch, Slidepot 3, NoXcuse, the Tom Bogus Band and a popular boy-band fronted by Connor O'Brien. He currently hides in his home, paralyzed by social anxiety.

Gardner Sumner

gardnerAlthough Gardner hailed from a musical family they let him continue to play anyway. He has played acoustic & electric guitar on and off in N.E. Ohio for over 40 years, rocking out in high school, then as a folksinger through the 70’s, and more recently as the guitar player for Deltajuice, NoXcuse, Out of L.A. and Reunion. A bit confused sometimes, he thought he was answering an ad for a dog walker. Brian eventually convinced him that he didn’t own a dog and would he mind playing guitar instead.

Kirk Sumner

kirkKirk got his first rig at age 3 and used it until the paper heads broke.  After that he moved up to Tupperware and pots and pans.  He can’t remember how many classes he was ejected from for using pencils for drumsticks on his desk.  After returning from Naples, Florida a few years ago, where he drummed for the band Flight Crew, he helped co-found the blues band Deltajuice.


School Boy Crush Average White Band
Criminal Fiona Apple
Who Did You Think I Was? John Mayer
Trouble Ray Lamontagne
Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers
Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots
Couldn't I Just Tell You? Todd Rundgren